VR Programme 4: Past & Present

Times & Tickets - Studio/K

Jonathan HAGARD | Japan | 2023 | 9′

On a trip from Enoshima to Shinjuku a young woman recalls her father’s story. Explore the evolution of Odakyu Romance Car from the 1960s to the present. In Romance Car Jonathan Hagard, a French-Indonesian filmmaker, animator, and illustrator based in Kyoto, applies his keen eye to portraying urban spaces, transformations and rituals.


Childhood Revisited

CHANG Wen-Chieh | Taiwan | 2021 | 10′

Once upon a time, there was a river that carried memories, and a wonderful village called the Fifth Ditch of Water. Following a group of Hakka people, who lived under the guardianship of the Mount Grand Martial, Childhood Revisited reflects on traditional culture and deconstructs it with new media art.


WU De-Chuen | Taiwan | 2023 | 16′

Three tin toys keep changing their costumes on stage and performing the vicious patriarchal script repeated over countless generations. They find themselves trapped in a dreamlike state resembling a mirror image. Unable to extricate themselves, they are slowly being moulded into adult copies of their predecessors, embodying stereotypes they detested.