A Guide to Loving Me: Zine Workshop by CHA4OS Theory

Friday 5 August 18:00–19:30 @ The Pride Hotel

Skip the small talk, and send them instructions! In this workshop, we will focus on love languages and use zines to each create ‘A guide to loving me’. You can then hand these out to friends or lovers, new and old. This will be a space to really explore, understand and discuss what makes you feel loved or not, regardless of what is considered the norm. Come reflect, connect, and make with us, we have glitter! No prior skills or knowledge required and you have no obligation to speak or share if you are not comfortable. 

Chetana Pai is an interaction technologist, podcast host, artist, and workshop facilitator who founded CHA4OS Theory, an organisation that aims to get people to connect and reflect through making with their hands. 

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-guide-to-loving-me-zine-workshop-by-cha4os-theory-tickets-373222367147