Outdoor Film Screening — LAN YU 藍宇 + shorts

Wednesday 3 August 21:00 @ Mercatorplein

Feature Film: Lan Yu (2001 / Hong Kong, China) | Dir. Stanley Kwan | 86 mins

An essential classic of Hong Kong queer cinema, Stanley Kwan’s Lan Yu is a poignant portrait of two men’s unexpected relationship filled with passion and deception, yearning and regret set in the turbulence of 1980’s Beijing. This pioneering Chinese LGBQT film celebrates its 20th anniversary with a brand new re-release, Kwan’s adaptation of an anonymous Chinese internet novel is a tale of heartbreak and loss of the love that might have been.

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Short Film 1: I Didn’t Dare to Speak (2021 / NL) | Dir. Aileen Ye | 7:11 mins

Amid the landscape of skateboarders, queerness, and friendships, I Didn’t Dare to Speak highlights the adversities of growing up.




Short Film 2: Soy Sauce (2020 / DE) | Dir. Sarnt Utamachote | 4:53 mins

Interracial relationships usually led to the conflicts of powers at home. This simple story within one household showcases a quirky means of political resistance.