CinemAsia 2022 Awards

The 14th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam came to a close with the festive Award ceremony announcing the winner of the competition program. The CinemAsia 2022 Jury award goes to Japanese director Shinzo Katayama for his psychological thriller MISSING (2021). This year the jury announced a special mention of Korean director HONG Sung-eun for her film ALONERS (2021). The CinemAsia audience award goes to SO LONG, MY SON (2019) by attending director Wang Xiaoshuai.


2022 CinemAsia Jury Award – MISSING (Japan 2021)

After contentious deliberations Competition Jury members director Wang Xiaoshuai, Isabel Arrate Fernandez (manager IDFA Bertha Fund) and former IFFR director Emile Fallaux, came to the following conclusion:

“It is with great honor that our jury awards CinemAsia’s 2022 Competition Jury Award to Shinzo Katayama for his film MISSING.

Director Shinzo Katayama explores the crime genre from a wholly original perspective, interweaving a grave moral dilemma with a suspenseful crime in a compelling manner. The narrative structure is bold and excels in its ambition, and the ending takes an unexpectedly moving turn. Given that this is a second feature film, we see in the director a very promising future.”


2022 Special mention of the Jury for ALONERS

A special mention of the jury goes out to South Korean filmmaker HONG Sung-eun for her film ALONERS.

“Not only is it a great accomplishment to have us identify with the young woman’s dysfunctional life and emotions, but it is a real feat to also make us experience the existential need for the other, for being part of the social fabric. A welcome reminder in today’s life of selfies and the personalized bubbles of the so-called social media.”

2022 Audience Award goes to SO LONG, MY SON

The audience has spoken. After a sold out screening on Sunday, and a Q&A with the director himself, the digital and paper voting ballots screamed fantastic. CinemAsia is delighted to award the attending director with the award for his cinematic masterpiece. It’s been an honor and an absolute pleasure to have Wang Xiaoshuai at our festival.















Artist Award: Megan Carapezza